Eating Disorder Links

Eating disorder links offer patients and those who have loved ones with eating disorders resources to get the help they need or the support they crave.

Many eating disorder links are available to those who want to learn more about their eating disorder and to find support. Here are a few working eating disorder sites currently available on the web.

  • Ability’s Anorexia Page – A variety of links to anorexia websites and academic discussions of eating disorders
  • Andi’s Place Of Hope – A German website translated into English focusing on one woman’s story and tips for how to recover from and deal with anorexia nervosa.
  • Alliance For Eating Disorder Awareness – According to the site itself:
    The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness seeks to establish easily accessible programs across the nation that allow children and young adults the opportunity to learn about eating disorders and the positive effects of a healthy body image.
  • Anorexic’s Anonymous – A recovery oriented site, Anorexic’s Anonymous offers a variety of links and resources for those in recovery or desiring recover.
  • Anorexia: Free Information – Last updated in 2003, this site is devoted to gathering links for site visitors to learn more about anorexia eating disorders.
  • Anorexia Nervosa: Through the Eyes of a Survivor – This eating disorder website offers visitors an inside look at anorexia, as the site is written and maintained by a recovering anorexic.
  • A Word To Good Parents – Mike, a father of an anorectic daughter, decided to create this site to help other parents of children with eating disorders.
  • Eating Disorders Mirror Mirror – A webring/informational site offering resources for those interested in eating disorders or looking for support in their recovery
  • Eating Disorder Resources – While this site is no longer being updated, it takes visitors to, a new site filled with engaging information about eating disorders.
  • Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center – Those looking for recovery resources will find them at this site. Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center provides information and treatment resources for all types of eating disorders.
  • Eating Disorders: Recovery is Possible! – A recovering anorexic named Kim created and runs this eating disorder website. She offers her personal insight to site visitors.
  • European Council On Eating Disorders – This site offers links to old newsletters from the organization, helping readers learn more of the academic side of disordered eating.
  • Fed Up! – A woman named Amy assembled this eating disorder site, dedicated to helping people learn that their size should not be as important as who they are.
  • Geri’s Recovery Music – A site devoted to music written by a woman named Geri when she was recovering from an eating disorder. You can listen to her music as well as order it from Amazon.
  • Judy’s Anorexia Nervosa Story – A survivor named Judy has collected links as well as shared her personal story of battling anorexia on this website.
  • Kid Source On-Line – Eating Disorders – This basic website is filled with text to help visitors learn more about eating disorders, their causes, and their treatments.
  • My Monster, My Battle – This website offers a personal account of anorexia, as experienced by Emily. A small site, but one that’s touching to read.
  • Peace, Love and Hope – This site is not currently being updated, but still provides a variety of links and menu options for those who want to learn about eating disorders.
  • Self Help & Psychology Eating Disorders Discussion Zone – An anonymous site where people can share their thoughts about eating disorders, though it appears to not have been updated since 2003.
  • Something-Fishy Chat Rooms – This site provides peer to peer support for those dealing with eating disorders.

Government Run Sites

  • – A government website providing information on eating disorders.
  • – Focused on the mental health aspect of eating disorders, this government site offers a wealth of information.
  • – With a focus on body image and eating disorders, Women’s Health offers visitors information about symptoms, treatment, and recovery.
  • – Academic publications on eating disorders give visitors an in-depth look at disordered eating.
    &topic_id=1384&&placement_default=0 – A gathering of links for various eating disorder websites.